It is not enough to safely take down or dismantle any structure. The disposal waste that results must be done properly within the guidelines of the Ministry of Environment, conservation authority, historical society and municipal government. All recyclable materials or contents will be brought to the salvage yard and masonry waste will be turned back into aggregates to help reduce our carbon footprint. Our staff are all well trained and insured through WSIB with safety as our priority.


Interior Demolition

All renovations and re-modeling projects require some level of demolition, and a proper interior demolition job will not interfere with the structural integrity of the structure or anything else of value. Drywall, concrete or stud walls can be removed and floor trenches can be carved. A business may wish to convert to being wheelchair accessible.

Whatever your needs, diligent planning and preparation on our part ensures a seamless transition and safety for everyone.


Structural Demolition

We use a variety of techniques along with specialized equipment such as excavators, cranes and haulers. Once the old structure is disassembled we will quickly and efficiently sort through and remove the material.