Interlock pavers are made from cement or concrete and can replicate the beauty and feel of natural stone pathways at a cheaper price. They are bound together by polymeric sand and are able to withstand great weight making them an excellent choice for an upgraded driveway. We ensure a solid base by going beyond industry standards so your project never heaves or sinks. We install a wide variety of brands and have competitive pricing for any Brampton Brick pavers but are more then willing to install any brand you select.



Whether you need repair, grading or construction of a driveway we can help. Driveways some times need to be levelled or widened, in which case we can also help by pulling the sides back, filling holes or eliminating rolls. We can accommodate any slope, trenching and ditching as well. We will crown the material of your choice for proper drainage and compact the surface. Rest assured we will go over all your options in a consult to find the most cost effective option.