We go beyond industry standard by starting with a minimum 18" of drainage stone behind our walls and add and inch for every vertical foot. At Diggin'IT we also always install drainage piping in behind the wall to prevent any possible water retention that would build during the freeze and thawing that occurs with life in Canada. We also follow all engineering requirements for geogrid and a layer of geotextile fabric between the compacted backfill soil and the clear drainage stone.

We regularly build retaining walls out of armour stone, granite boulders, 6x6 timbers, Redi-Rock, Brampton Brick, poured concrete and gabion cages. Regardless of the material a Diggin'IT retaining wall will last the test of time and will fit within your budget and design concept.

Added to any terrace or garden, they can embellish your property with class and elegance. Proper installation will ensure durability through severe weather conditions. Hillside farming, roadway overpasses and other challenging landscaping projects can all benefit.